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Men's Sleeveless V-Neck Tank

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Stop letting your insecurities hold you back from taking part in your favorite sports or hitting the gym. With the I.S.PRO USA Activewear Men’s Sleeveless V-neck tank you feel confident in your own skin for any occasion. This workout top will make you look up to 5” slimmer and pounds lighter instantly. It’s gradual compression will have you saying goodbye to unwanted bulging in the mid-section and folding over love handles. The fabric wears like a second skin and has a 4-way stretch that allows for greater mobility while maintaining its shape. Highlight your abs instead of covering them up with this compression top. The tank firms and tones your upper torso while also providing support for your lower back. It also gives athletes the benefits of improved endurance, lowers fatigue levels, and decreases recovery time after trainings. The benefits for our activewear are endless. Buy one of our men’s workout tops today!

• Slim your body instantly
• Firm and tone your upper torso
• Support your lower back
• Eliminate your love handles
* Fabric wears like a second skin so you get the same powerful compression
* Extreme comfort for all-day, everyday wear
* Smooth fabric provides extreme comfort and compression without restriction.
* Keeps the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain.
* Provides muscular support
* Improved blood flow from graduated compression
* Increased muscular strength with less energy expenditure
* Gives athletes the benefits of improved endurance
* Decreased recovery time after training sessions
* Lowered fatigue levels
* Highlight your abs; transform your torso in an instant
* 4-Way Stretch fabrication allows greater mobility and maintains shape
* 72%Nylon/28%Spandex
* Made in USA


This shirt is made of a special blend of 72% nylon, 28% spandex fibers, making the garment comfortable to wear all day, every day. Can be worn for  play or as an under garment or outerwear, to exercise and or enjoy a night out on the town. Must have for the man that always wants to look his very best.