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Tank Bodysuit Curvy Shapewear

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InstantFigure the Original Proven shapewear for women, the InstantFigure Compression Tank Bodysuit Curvy Shapewear with snap crotch is a unique under garment that will instantly make you look up to 5 inches and 10 pounds slimmer. This single layer compression bodysuit will firm and flatten your tummy, eliminate your love handles (no more muffin top) and slim and trim all critical areas to make you fit the figure of your nicest clothes. On top of the slimming benefits, this bodysuit offers excellent back and posture support. This fabulous bodysuit is invisible under even your tightest articles of clothing and is comfortable enough to wear all day, every day even in your sleep. An essential wardrobe must have, for every woman that wants to look and feel their very best. The InstantFigure Bodysuit can be worn as an under-garment and or as a top. InstantFigure compression products are made of a special blend of 72% nylon, 28% spandex fibers, making the undergarment comfortable enough to wear to the office or out with friends, to exercise and or enjoy a night out on the town.

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