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Anti-embolism thigh Length Stockings

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InstantRecoveryMD Anti-embolism thigh length stockings MD400/MDULS01

Help yourself recuperate properly after a cosmetic or medical procedure so you can get back out thereon your own two feet. Our unique Anti-Embolism Thigh Length Stockings provide medical professional’s proven benefits of regulated compression around the leg to offer effective support that any human body would need to heal properly from any type of leg surgery. Our Instant Recovery brand is made out of a patented,soft, durable spandex material for excellent comfort and fit. These anti-embolism compression stockings were made out of a knitting technology that was specifically designed to aid in proper internal circulation.These dense tights or knee-high socks basically help speed up blood flowing the leg by providing constant compression at the ankle and gradually withdrawing pressure up the calf. While this type of moderate, graduated compression on the leg accelerates blood flow up the leg,it’s also helping reduce the possibility of blood clots at the same time. That’s the number one thing our team of professional designers were focused on when creating these anti-embolism products. There is no better knee length stocking out there that quite measures up to Instant Recovery’s. Men and women everywhere can’t stop spilling all the positive effects of these wonderful stockings to their friends and family. Order what was specifically designed for the recuperating patient today and see for yourself just how helpful these magical compression leggings can be for you.

 .Soft and breathable fabric

 .Lightweight and comfortable

 .Open toe style




Care Instructions: Machine Wash, Cold Use Non Chlorine Bleach Tumble Dry Low or Line Dry.



 Do Not Iron