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Chin Strap w/full Neck Support

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InstantRecoveryMD MD413/MDFA03 has created another style of unisex surgical wear for post face or neck surgery. Unlike our strap design, this full neck support compression band provides complete coverage around the neck for multi-dimensional support. Instead of just having straps hold this shapewear into place, this cosmetic chin strap has material coverage around the full circumference of any man or woman’s neck. It’s made out of our patented, unique,smooth,breathable compression material that is the ideal solution to enhance the recovery from a face lift, neck lift, or liposuction appointment. If your surgeon recommends a full neck support type recovery piece after your personal surgery, this is the piece to get. Our famous design features a non-slip dome and perfectly placed chin cup for continuous compression and support as soon as you pull it on. Not only are doctors across America endorsing this chin strap, customers across the country are also raving about how perfect this recovery compression tool has been for their healing process!Aside from the obvious comfort-ability aspects, this garment also provides the wearer with important physical restoration attributes from the inside too. This neck compression piece helps improves blood circulation to the area that was just adjusted, it minimizes the swelling after a face or neck procedure, it accelerates the overall healing process and it allows the patient to return back to their daily routine quicker than expected. This neck support also keeps the wearer from moving or jolting in such movements that are prohibited after an operation. Listen to your doctor and get the essential healing tools before your cosmetic enhancement surgery so you can be overly prepared before you walk out of their office. Order yours today and reveal to yourself just how simple recovering can be!