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Knee High Sock w/ Zipper

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Compressing the area that was just surgically worked on, or the area in which has been injured,is extremely important for the healing process of a human body. Not properly taking care of your extremity that is recovering from surgery or an injury is going to be detrimental to the use of that limb later in life. Simply put; if you’ve had work done on your legs, get instant Recovery’s knee-high compression sock! This compression knee high sock with open toes comfortably supports legs with firm compression around the circumference of your entire shin and calf. It also provides the wearer with enhanced blood flow and circulation to that part of their leg, in addition to consistently aiding in breaking down swelling. This is the perfect recovery sock to use if you’re looking to mend your leg back to normal. If you’ve recently had some sort of lower leg vein work done, these high sock sleeves are perfectly fitting for that procedure’s improvement. Let your body heal naturally but at a quicker pace than normal with these compression products. They are even super easy to pull on and pull off, so you don’t further injure your incisions by the quick full-length zipper! There’s no better time than today to get your legs on the right path back to full running mode.Our wonderful fashion designers know what you need and have even had doctors all across the USA assist in the design of these supportive socks. You know you’re getting what the doctor ordered when purchasing anything from Instant Recovery. Chose from several different sizes and colors today and receive this recuperative package ASAP!


 .Convenient zipper allows easy on/off.

 .Side zipper with open toe

 .Soft and Comfortable

 .Open toe style

 .Easy to wear




Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold Use Non Chlorine Bleach Tumble Dry Low or Line Dry .

*Do Not Iron