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Surgical Chin Strap w/support Straps

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If you just received a cosmetic surgery around your face or neck, post-procedure bandaging is a must. Our team of compression wear experts are aware of the limitations after a face lift, neck lift, or liposuction surgery, which is exactly why we created the perfect surgical chin strap. This Instant Recovery Chin Strap with Support Straps is the essential tool after leaving the cosmetic surgeon’s office for your recovery time. This item helps improve blood circulation, minimizes swelling after the procedure, accelerates the healing process and allows the patient to return to their daily routine sooner. Doctors across America are recommending this shapewear for all their patients post face or neck surgery.Our face support straps are made out of a smooth,breathable material that provides extra support in an easy one size fits all piece that’s an ideal solution to enhance anyone’s recovery. This surgical chin strap is easy to wear with adjustable Velcro closures on top of head and two additional straps across the neck and face as well. One goes across your fore head for position stability and the other across the back of your head to help keep the compression closer to your neck to help keep it place. No other face strap recovery band on the market allows for such essential support and comfortable wear for men or women getting cosmetic surgery. Instant Recovery knows what you want and what you need for your healing process! Order today and shorten your mending period instantly. Made in the USA.